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We are the single-source for planning, placement and discounted pricing with virtually every major

airline offering in-flight magazines.

Advertising in in-flight magazines gets results. Amazing results. In fact, according to the 2006 Arbitron In-Flight Media Study, nearly seven out of 10 readers acted upon the information they obtained from in-flight magazines.

In-flight magazine communications offer distinct advantages over other media outlets:

    • Airline advertising delivers the most exposure of any in-flight medium
    • Airline flyers are affluent consumers
    • The magazine that boasts a readership with the highest median household income is the magazine of a major airline
    • Airline passengers are a captive, non-distracted audience that has the time to focus on your message
    • A remarkable 80% of frequent flyers read the current month's issue of the provided airline magazine
    • Frequent flyers state they pay more attention to in-flight magazines than to traditional magazines read in other venue
With a single in-flight magazine communication, you can reach 1.7 million passengers per issue.**

** Based on an average readership of the top 7 US in-flight magazines