Inter Air Media
"Airline Travelers are 80% more likely to have an annual household income of $100,000 or more."
- Arbitron Airport Media Study

Travel and Leisure

Reach your target demographic while they're in the right mindset. Frequent flyers go on more vacations and can be effectively reached in the aviation space.

Frequent flyers are a very select, extremely desirable consumer. They are successful professionals with sophisticated tastes and the means to acquire and pursue their interests. But the attributes that make this consumer desirable are the same traits that limit their exposure to traditional advertising platforms. The solution? Aviation media. At the airport and inflight, advertisers can effectively reach a captive, engaged audience continuously seeking to acquire and purchase. From luxury goods and services to leisure activities and upscale vacations, InterAir Media delivers your message to this ready-to-buy demographic.

Tourism Board Package
Total Estimated Impressions = 7,700,000
*Package starts at roughly $100,000/month
Hotel & Resort package
Total Estimated Impressions = 4,825,000
*Package starts at roughly $110,000/month

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*Prices may fluctuate based on airline and airport preferences