Inter Air Media
"Airports provide advertisers an opportunity to reach an audience which is keen to try new products and services."
- Nielsen


Life moves fast and traditional advertising alone can't keep up with consumers. Adding InterAir to your Media mix will ensure your brand is always ahead of your competition.

Trail blazers. Influencers. Brand evangelists. This is the demographic technology brands strive to reach, engage and convert. With a significant percentage of Frequent Flyers classifying themselves as early adopters, travel media is the optimal medium to capture their attention, get them trying a product or service, and then get them talking about and evangelizing your brand through social media.

Business Decision Maker Package
Total Estimated Impressions = 3,680,000
*Package starts at roughly $100,000/month
Product/Service Awareness Package
Total Estimated Impressions = 10,500,000
*Package starts at $200,000/month

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*Prices may fluctuate based on airline and airport preferences