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"Nearly half of American adults are exposed to airport media each year. Forty-six percent of Americans age 18 or older (an estimated 102 million people) have taken at least one round-trip airline flight in the past year."
- Arbitron Study

Packages by media

Dominate a specific medium to drive desired results.

What if you could reach your target with multiple messages at multiple touch points in the one place it's proven they will be more receptive to your brand? InterAir Media offers exclusive media packages that reach and impact your target as a captive audience - in the air, at the gate, in the terminal, and more. Contact InterAir Media today to learn about all the unprecedented opportunities to connect with one of the most valuable and elusive consumer demographics.

Inflight Magazine Domination
Total Estimated Impressions = 19,300,000
*Package starts at roughly $120,000/month
Executive Lounge Domination Domestic
Total Estimated Impressions = 15,750,000
*Package starts at roughly $1,600,000/month
Inflight Video Domination
Total Estimated Impressions = 7,300,000
*Package starts at roughly $160,000/month
Executive Lounge Domination - Domestic & international
Total Estimated Impressions = 17,375,000
*Package starts at roughly $1,700,000/month

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*Prices may fluctuate based on airline and airport preferences