Inter Air Media
"According to the Arbitron Study, Airline Travelers are more likely to have a propensity for designer clothes, luxury cars and cutting-edge personal digital devices. They also shop more often online and spend more when they do shop."


Luxury goods advertisers face a unique challenge: how do they effectively and efficiently reach the small but diverse target able to purchase their products?

By reaching them in the one place where they all become a captive, engaged audience - during air travel. This demographic is 80% more likely to have an annual household income of $100,000 or more per year, making the airport the optimal location to advertise luxury goods. From designer shoes to premium watches, financial services to exclusive automobiles, airline travelers have the income and inclination to purchase the most exclusive brands and products.

Brand Exposure Package
Total Estimated Impressions = 4,825,000
*Package starts at roughly $112,000/month
Platinum Package
Total Estimated Impressions = 6,675,000
*Package starts at roughly $320,000

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